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Welcome to Addicted too Chermean

Welcome to Addicted To Chermean! I am so very excited to share my website with you all! Since some of you may or may not be familiar with me or my work, I will provide a little insight. I am an Author, model, and a cook. I have written and self published two sensuous novels titled “Perfectly Addicted” and “Entangled Affairs”. I am now taking on another passion of mine! I am releasing a sensuous cookbook geared to bring out the lover in you. Set to be released February 2019. This cookbook was created to help spread love and happiness, while also preparing an amazing dish! I enjoy cooking, and I do it from my heart and soul! So I am hoping to provide you with that very same feeling with this cookbook journey! You are sure to love the recipes…and I can’t wait to get some awesome feedback! I am also excited to share, in 2019 the sequel to the drama filled, sensuous, and suspenseful novel Perfectly Addicted will be released. So please stay tuned for upcoming dates for “Perfectly Addicted II”.

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