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Beauty Brand Ambassador “Chermean” has captured the social media

    market with her captivating photos and videos for brands such as

    “Devine Concepts” SkinSoufflé and several clothing brands.  The sensuous author who is the pen behind the most sought-after drama

       series has found her brand going further than writing and creating

         perplexing love scenarios.  The North Carolina beauty has

         consistently kept the attention of supporters and fans through the

        various social media avenues and has successfully been able to

        reach international followers and request from overseas influencers.


      Chermean first introduced herself to the industry as an author with

    her first book entitled “Perfectly Addicted” the highly acclaimed novel

   focused on characters that would leave the reader wanting more and

    being addicted to the writing of this talented and insightful author.  She

      quickly followed up with “Entangled Affairs” which has placed her as

         staple among romance, drama and relationship seekers longing for

              more of each character she has breathed life into. The anticipation

               for the new release is on high demand and has her fan base

                waiting to get a glimpse of the premise of the new novel set to

                  release early 2019.


                  Chermean has crafted her creative niche as being the alluring

                  author and beauty brand ambassador who compels her

                 audience to follow her on the next new venture that this

               breathtaking Gemini seeks to embark upon.

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